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Approved RYA Training Centre in the Algarve Portugal

Covid-19 Safety

Our Added Safety Measures under the Current Climate

Update on Upcoming Courses

The Authorities have eased restrictions on outdoor activities and we are back in business, subject to strict hygiene and social distancing.

Future courses will be carried out with reduced number of students – Contact us for full details/dates.

Let’s go sailing.

Stay safe
Mark & Jane, Brian & Simon.

In todays "New" climate we offer training in Small, Safe, Numbers. Preferably;

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Your personal knot of friends
  • Individuals of no more than 3 to a course

Onboard you will have your own double cabin (couples can share).

All boats are thoroughly cleaned and maintained to the new standards expected for your personal safety.

All students are required to bring on board two lateral flow Covid test kits.

These are to be used should they exhibit any symptoms of the illness during the course or if requested to do so. In the event of a student testing positive for Covid during the course, the course will have to be terminated at that point and arrangements will need to be made to place the student in hotel isolation or as applicable. The cost of hotel accommodation remains the responsibility of the student.

To all instructors & crews joining our training yachts and participating in a practical training course with Learn2Sail.

  1. Instructors and students are required to be double vaccinated against CoronavirusCoVID 19 and to have with them their proof of vaccination or to have a negative PCR Antigen test within the past 48 hours prior to joining. Prior to and on joining your course you are requested to confirm you are in good health and aware of the symptoms of Coronavirus/CoVID 19.
  2. Continuously monitor your own health and if you have any concerns notify the Training Principal, Mark Sanders (+44 7860 420 670) immediately. We will assist in getting a test carried out.
  3. The yacht and all its equipment will have been deep cleaned prior to your arrival.
  4. When you first come aboard, and thereafter each time you board the yacht after spending time ashore in shops, restaurants, etc. please sanitize/wash hands etc when coming aboard during your course.
  5. When in a mixed group please wear face protection in the saloon/galley areas. Please do not cough or sneeze when in close proximity to your crew mates. If unavoidable, please move to a downwind location, clear of your crew mates.
  6. The vast majority of the course will be instructed above decks in the open air, here, please respect social distancing.
  7. During the course you are requested to assist in keeping the yacht a safe environment by using the supplied disinfectant sprays and surface wipes on all common touch points both above and below decks. When using the galley area please sanitize before and after use, and wear a mask while preparing food and drinks.
  8. Please prepare your own meals from the galley – all food will be provided in hygienically wrapped packaging.
  9. Please do not share hand towels and use kitchen roll to dry your hands.
  10. In the evening, when eating out in Portugal you are expected to wear a face mask until you are seated at your table. The mask may then be removed while you eat. The waiters will wear a mask at all times, please choose a restaurant with open air seating (there are plenty and we are happy to recommend) – avoid public transport and busy public locations.
  11. In Portugal it is a legal requirement to wear a face mask in all enclosed public spaces (for example in shops) and on public transport. Note also that masks are mandatory when entering the Marina toilets and showers.
  12. Students are responsible for the supply of their own masks. If necessary, masks can be purchased at cost when joining the course. Masks are readily available in supermarkets and chemists shops.

We are all responsible adults and we respectfully ask everyone to behave as such. We all now know the challenges facing us with battling the Covid-19 virus please help us and your shipmates in keeping the yacht a safe place from the virus.

After your training course please give us your feedback in how you found things, any improvements that you think might make things safer etc – we are all still learning and your help will be much appreciated. For 14 days after your course please advise us of any Covid-19 symptoms, so that we can action the correct response here for the continued safety of your shipmates.

No matter how careful we are there will always be a risk, so please help us to minimise that risk and keep your yacht safe for you and your shipmates.

Now, let’s go sailing!!!!

Mark & Jane Sanders

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